Worst nursery in the area

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Worst nursery in the area

Postby Mum0411 » Mon Jun 20, 2022 1:30 pm

Please be careful of this nursery called L’ecole du Parc my son has been traumatised as every time they said he needs special care and he needs to consult I have been sooo frustrated as I was thinking that my son is suffering from something ( which I don’t and also they don’t know what is it)
I consulted so many speech and language therapist and they all say nothing wrong with them just he’s being a boy
They charged me for extra teacher pretending she’s taking care of him and she looked for only him without asking me before ( which is not true )
I passed by the worst time of my life in this nursery
the story is very long I can’t tell all the details after speaking with lots of parents I wasn’t the only one passing by this and asking the parents that their child is not “normal “ or “considerate as danger to his friends” that’s what exactly said to me
The lack of skills makes them thinking all the dynamic kids not normal or the fact they don’t share or they don’t wait for their turn…

To reassure you my son is verrryyyy happy now and the school where he is ( the best in the area) they are saying he’s just amazing and nothing absolutely nothing wrong with him as I’m asking them all the time if they noticed something not normal in his behaviour

Anyway pleaseee pleaaaase be careful it’s the worst!!!!!
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