Alleged assault on tube

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Alleged assault on tube

Postby AllegedAssaultonTube » Tue Nov 28, 2023 2:41 pm

We're looking to identify the gentleman in the picture in relation to an alleged assault on the tube.

He would have boarded the Northern Line on a station from Clapham South up to Clapham North and then continued up the Northern Line.

If you have a name please email anonymously to: allegedtubeassault@gmail.comIf you were on that tube and would be happy to provide a witness statement also please email

You won't need to say your name if you can identify him, we already have photos and a witness statement, it's just about cutting down the time it takes to make an identification.

Obviously if you're happy to provide a witness statement then you'd need to give your identity.

To be clear there is no suggestion that the person pictured was involved in any alleged assault but we would like to know his identity.

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