Targeting BMWs again?

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Targeting BMWs again?

Postby MrsOctober » Wed Jul 05, 2017 11:46 am

Hi all,
Last week, whilst parked a few metres from our house, our BMW X5 had its lock barrel drilled out and taken.

The alarm didn't go off and we don't think they got in to the car but it's obviously caused us a load of hassle. The car had to be recovered and stored securely until the new lock arrives from Germany (2-3wks)

Interestingly, the man that came to collect my car told me that a couple of weeks ago he collected a BMW M5 from a few streets away, with identical damage. Removing the barrel and accessing the car used to be the successful MO of X5 thieves a few years ago but we believed the software updates fixed that. Do the thieves know something we don't? I'd be very interested to hear from anyone else who's experienced similar damage. According to forums, if your car is set so that the alarm will be disabled with the key, thieves can get in to your car via the lock and the alarm won't sound. Their advice is to change your settings so that only the fob button can disable the alarm.

We often put on a big yellow, old-fashioned steering lock overnight but this was one of the nights we didn't. Needless to say we'll be using it all the time from now on. I would advise any local X5/M5 owners to use one.
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