Father & Daughter Hair Tutorials/Classes

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Father & Daughter Hair Tutorials/Classes

Postby Jellie75 » Mon Dec 03, 2018 7:37 pm


Does anyone know of any Father & Daughter hair classes in the area?

My 4yo daughter has lovely long wavy locks and loves to have it tied up into ‘Elsa’ plaits, a neat little bun for ballet or just natural. Unfortunately her father really struggles with this aspect of her care - even when simply natural he has her looking a bit ‘Worzel Gummidge’ - so I thought it might be a fun bonding excercise for them both to have some hair tutorials together.

Are there any hair stylists out there that could help?

Thank you
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Re: Father & Daughter Hair Tutorials/Classes

Postby NattyLittleYogis » Mon Dec 03, 2018 10:09 pm


I have been giving local parents hair braiding tutorials in their own homes.

I come to you with all the tools needed and 'Ella', my mannequin head, to show you the basics of braiding and can give simple hair style tips for your little ones. It was actually a local dad that prompted me to start offering this service!

I'm sure your partner will be offering up some simple but effective styles that would make even Aunt Sally proud. :)

I would love to hear from you.


Have you always wanted to learn how to braid? Want to send your child off to school or parties with spectacular hair but not sure how? Have a special event and need a special hairstyle to match? Girls birthday party? Then a Natty Little Braids session is for you! In one of our lessons you will learn: 
  • Braiding and plaiting basics - Including French, Dutch (canerows) & Fishtail.
  • How to part the hair
  • Simple yet spectacular styles
  • The tools and accessories needed for different styles
 Practice the techniques and build your confidence whilst receiving hands on help & advice. Beginners sessions last from 60-90 minutes and are run from the comfort of your own home, with small groups of up to 4. Home visit hair appointments are individually priced according to the style requirements. Classes and appointments are suitable for all hair types and textures and are tailored to your needs. Lesson prices: 1hr one-to-one session in your own home is £35. 90mins with two people £50. Braids styling starts from £20. If you would like to host a session with a group of your friends, have a one-to-one or make a hair braiding appointment, please contact Natalie to book or find out more: nattylittlebraids@gmail.com      
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