Playball Has a Plan for the Easter Holidays and the Summer term!

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Playball Has a Plan for the Easter Holidays and the Summer term!

Postby Gav888 » Tue Apr 07, 2020 9:26 pm

Dear Parents

We hope that you are all staying safe and keeping well during this very challenging time. 

We know that there is uncertainty around the Summer term start date, 
So for a limited time only we have come up with a Summer Term Special that we hope will be great for parents and children alike

This Summer package costs the price of 12 Playball sessions and includes the following
  • 12 Playball sessions
  • Live, Personal, Interactive Zoom classes (During Isolation)
  • The Playball@Home coaching program (During Isolation)
  • And some amazing activities for the children and the whole family to play. Like the Playball Life Skills Board Game, Playball Bed time Stories, Playball@Home Puzzle book and Our Playball@Home Easter Camp program

Please read below to see full details 

12 Regular Playball Sessions
12 weekly Playball classes. Which if we start the Summer term late and some are missed, we will make these classes up as soon as we are able to go outdoors again. We have a variety of options available to us in order to make these classes up.

So please be reassured you will receive your Playball classes that you have paid for.  

Zoom Classes with a difference
If the summer term doesn't start on time and we are not able to go outdoors just yet. We will be running live zoom classes at the same day and time as your booked Summer Playball class with your actual coach.
(We can be flexible if that time slot doesn't work for you every week)

These Live Zoom lessons will be limited to the same number of children as a Playball class. As they will be very personal in their approach. The coach will not only be chatting to the children individually and delivering a very active lesson but we will be focusing on a range of sensory skills and questions as well. 

The live lessons also mean parents would be less involved during the class and would hopefully be able to sit back and watch the lesson or go grab a cup of coffee or get some work done. 

You can also record these live lessons if you would like to do them more than once in the week. 

As you can see from the videos below we have started testing the lessons already and the first few have been a big hit. The videos below are from our 1st test run.

Zoom Testing Video 1
Zoom Testing Video 2
Zoom testing Video 3
Zoom testing Video 4
Zoom testing Video 5
Zoom testing Video 6

We are busy developing these home lessons so that they can be as active, personal and fun as possible. All while taking into consideration space, age and equipment limitations. It will be amazing to give the children a more personal approach in these small zoom classes, where the coach and the children are actively communicating with each other just as they would during a regular Playball lesson. 

Playball@Home program

Whats is Playball@Home?
  • Interactive videos from our coaches, teaching skills just like we do at Playball! The children will be following instructions from their coaches on the videos, actively playing at home using mainly household items as equipment (minimal parent participation needed)
  • Age specific lesson plans, skills and games, and interesting facts for children and parents
  • Weekly lessons for each week that classes are postponed

 So for the price of the usual Summer term you get 
  • Your 12 Playball classes (missed classes made Up)
  • A Live Zoom personal interactive class each week (During isolation period)
  • Playball@Home Program, Skills and videos each week (During isolation period)
  • And as we feel it’s important for the children to be active in mind and body at this time but also to be relaxed and reassured! We have been working day and night and we have developed some amazing activities for the children over the Easter period with things to do for the whole family. Like the Playball Life Skills Board Game,  Playball Bed time Stories, Playball@Home Puzzle book and Our Playball@Home Easter Camp program

To book this Summer term Special today and keep you children as active as possible over this isolation period. All you have to do is create an account on our website and book the Summer class you would like to attend.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch

Phone: 02081232217
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