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Treasure Map

Postby BettyRubble » Fri Jun 05, 2020 2:44 pm


I wanted to share a fun activity with you today that will let you have some time to do your own things and drink coffee. How is that possible you say? Well that is how!

Let start a treasure hunt! 

First you need to put a little effort in it, mainly - hide a snack for your child somewhere around the house or in the garden and then prepare a treasure map of how to find it. You don't have to hide additional guides or create riddles. Just draw a map to the treasure (a candy bar, a toy or whatever your kid likes) and let your child find it.

As that is not the point of this activity.

The point is...

Afterwards you can ask your child to hide a prize for you and create a treasure map for you!

That should keep them busy for a time of at least one cup of coffee for you! 

And it works!

I have seven-years old twins at home and it is still fun. We have upgraded the activity now and add some fun riddles but the bottom line is that I always have time for a cup of coffee!  :mrgreen:
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