Why learn first aid as a priority in 2022

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Why learn first aid as a priority in 2022

Postby Emma » Tue Dec 21, 2021 12:33 pm

Prompt and appropriate first aid saves lives, can reduce pain and suffering and prevent a minor injury becoming a major one - NEVER has this skill been more important than now! 

40% of parents have witnessed their own baby choke and over 80% had no idea what to do. 34 children are treated for choking on food every day.
92% of parents worry their babysitter would not know what to do in relation to first aid.


  • First Aid for Life runs multi-award-winning, fully regulated, socially distanced, Covid-secure training in Balham every week. Our trainers are highly experienced medical, health and emergency services professionals, who will tailor the training to your needs.
  • We can also run group courses anywhere in the UK - on any day or time you wish.
  • In addition, we have a superb range of comprehensive online courses on www.onlinefirstaid.com
  • First Aid for humans and dogs, Teenage first aid (suitable for the Duke of Edinburgh Award) and a full range of regulated courses fulfilling Ofsted, EYFS and HSE requirements.
 RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) Annual Statistics:500,000 children need to go to casualty after accidents in the home.125,000 children are killed or injured in garden accidents.20,000 children end up in casualty departments with burns.100 children die from severe burns every year.Nearly 6,000 children are injured in road accidents.70 children are killed on the roads every week!

Ensure you are confident to help!
Book your first aid course with us now - email emma@firstaidforlife.org.uk

or visit our websites  www.firstaidforlife.org.uk and www.onlinefirstaid.com
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