Grumpy But Gorgeous BEWARE

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Grumpy But Gorgeous BEWARE

Postby darlingmummy » Mon Feb 23, 2015 12:13 pm

I would like to advise any mums trying to organize a pampering party for their daughter to stay clear of Grumpy But Gorgeous or GBG as they are now known as.

I found them through a web search and after contacting them for a party they have been very very persistent in trying to get me to commit to booking it.
after a telephone conversation I felt that something wasn't quite right, they were being to pushy, the lady on the phone sounded like she wasn't even in the country, she was insisting I gave her my cc details etc etc,
I then googled to read some reviews and came across pages and pages of them on the Money saving Expert website, see below: ... ?t=4151991

basically they take your money and then don't show up.
they have changed their company name but the operandi seems to be the same.

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Re: Grumpy But Gorgeous BEWARE

Postby Hopjhin » Wed Oct 11, 2017 1:15 pm

WARNING!!!! WARNING!!! This company is a scam. It's owner KATIE BROWN has done this before. Google the reviews. The positive ones are all fake.

Do not trust these people my friend booked and paid for her daughters 11th birthday.

THEY NEVER SHOWED UP. CALLED 20 TIMES and no one picked up. No apologies. Nothing.

WHO DOES THIS??? Still waiting for a refund.

When we checked other reviews it seems they have done this several times before there is a thread on mumsnet about this company's unscrupulous manner.. They have also been featured on rip-off Britain series 6 episode 8. I believe all the positive post have been posted by themselves. They operate from essentially a PO Box. I've yet to receive a refund although I've been told they are processing a refund Please don't make the same mistake
Tara of Bexley
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Re: Grumpy But Gorgeous BEWARE

Postby Tara of Bexley » Mon Nov 27, 2017 4:21 pm

Sadly I have fallen victim to the same scam just this weekend. I paid a deposit to Grumpy but Gorgeous back in late July/early August for my daughter's special 13th birthday pampering party this weekend, 25th November 2017. My daughter and 7 of her closest friends were left waiting expectantly for a hostess(es) that never arrived. There was no prior warning of any cancellation and all attempts to contact the company in the days leading up to it and since have been ignored. NOT GOOD AT ALL!