Alice in Wonderland, Wandsworth Fringe

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Alice in Wonderland, Wandsworth Fringe

Postby charlotte_admin » Wed May 06, 2015 6:01 pm

I took my two boys (8 & 6) to see the Blackshaw Theatre's Alice in Wonderland which is playing at Battersea Library during the Wandsworth Fringe (various dates until 17th May).

It was 45 minutes of great entertainment, aptly set in the wonderful surroundings of the library and, in Lewis Carroll's fantastical way, kept us all gripped with all sorts of weird and wonderful costumes, characters and a witty script.

Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee were favourites of the boys and the Queen of Hearts stole mine with his/her hilarious platforms hiding under her pantomime dame-esque costume and her outrageous attitude (children seemed slightly more alarmed)! ;)

There was clever use of the space from the front library through the illuminated corridor (surely the rabbit hole) as we followed Alice to the grand main library, where the audience could sit where they liked and the play carried on around, in between and above us.

Fun, frivolous and ever so slightly bonkers, certainly worth the £3 ticket price for the children (and only £6 for you) if only to see the look on their enraptured faces! In celebration of the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll's book, it was brilliant to have the story brought to life in the library!

For details of performance dates and times, have a look at our calendar: ... id=2877747
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