Kids TV, commercial & theatre agency accepting new Kids! #IconaKids

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Kids TV, commercial & theatre agency accepting new Kids! #IconaKids

Postby IconaManagement » Mon Oct 22, 2018 5:46 pm

Hi Nappy Valley Parents,

Well, as an ex-nappy valley nanny (and aunt), toddlers art teacher, baby and toddler entertainer and theatre teacher I thought this would be the best place to both say hello and see whether we have any kids who love performing and want to take it a step further.

Icona accepts kids and young adults from babies-21 years. We've been running now for just over a year and a half and have worked with Disney, CBBC, Warner Bros, and ITV as well as advertising companies such as Nike, Smart Energy, Gillette (yes, it was a child!), Tesco etc. 

The agency is run by working actors and children's acting teachers, and we're about to launch some children's TV acting classes very soon. (Please do let us know if you're interested in this - you don't have to belong to the agency to get involved). During our time as agents we've had such positive feedback about the confidence acting, attending auditions and being cast has had on our Icona Kids. We love the positive impact that performing and being a part of a production team has on children.

Unlike other children's agencies we do NOT charge any upfront fees. We run like an adults agency taking a percentage of the job we secure our Icona Kids, so of course, it's in our best interest to land those roles!

All that's needed to be considered for the agency is:

- A true love and passion for performing. If they don't love acting/dancing/singing or being in front of the camera/audience then there's really no point. If that's exactly what they'd love, then we can coach our Icona Kids and let them know what will happen in an audition/casting room and how to nail it!

- A Spotlight page. This is essential for any budding performer! Spotlight is the UK's number one casting network and is where the majority of roles will appear. Spotlight is £100 per year (again, we take no fees for this), and can be accessed when your child is signed up to an agency and is over the age of 4 years old.

- Availability to attend castings in London at short notice. Although casting directors do try to give children as much notice of auditions/castings, often we get 24 hours notice of a casting. We keep in regular contact with our Icona parents about holidays and commitments so that we're not putting kids up for roles they can't actually attend.

- Professional (looking) photographs. Clear, smiley, looking their age. Both headshots and full length if possible.

This won't be for everyone! However, if this sounds like something you know your child might love to be a part of, please do get in touch. No agency can guarantee work for their clients, but we will always submit our little performers for everything they would be suitable for and as we are a boutique agency, we never submit a 'cattle-call'.

Looking forward to hearing from new families as well as those we've met before.
Many thanks,
Elizabeth & Gerrard xx
Icona Management
Instagram & Twitter: @IconaManagement

PS- we are also looking into classes for dyslexic children and young adults. As 1 in 5 kids are dyslexic and struggling in the classroom environment we're working on ways to help learning in a more creative way.  

"creative people are curious, flexible, persistent and independent with a tremendous spirit of adventure and love of play"

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