Looking for families to feature in the newspaper!

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Looking for families to feature in the newspaper!

Postby Georgiajournalist » Tue Oct 23, 2018 5:55 pm

Hello Mums and Dads, 

I am a reporter for the Daily Mail and I am looking for families to feature in our paper. Someone from Wandsworth council suggested you might be able to help me with my mission, so I hope it's okay to post here!

With the Autumn Budget coming up, the government might make changes to childcare provision, child benefit, education, tax rates for self-employed and for those in work, raise fuel duty, make changes to pensions – all manner of things.

It’s really helpful for our readers to know how all of those government proposals actually affect real people in their day-to-day life. I’m hoping you can help me find some Wandsworth families who would be happy to feature!
I would need a quick 15 minute phone call about your current situation. I’d ask a bit about your family/work life balance, whether you own or rent a home, if you're hoping to expand your family, if you have a car etc.

All of that information would help me work out what Budget changes might affect you (Obviously, you wouldn’t have to tell me anything that you felt uncomfortable with.)
Then we would organise some gorgeous family pictures with our professional photographers for the newspaper.

Finally I would call you on Budget day itself (29th October) and tell you what might affect you. You could tell me if the changes are welcome or worrying.

Please do let me know if you'd like to take part by emailing me - georgia.edkins@dailymail.co.uk

I'd be so grateful for any help!

Best wishes,

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