November Birth Rehearsal Workshop for you and your Partner

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November Birth Rehearsal Workshop for you and your Partner

Postby meriem » Thu Nov 21, 2019 12:40 pm


This workshop is open to all pregnant women and their chosen birth partners. There are a few assisted places available. Please contact to apply for an assisted place.

Saturday November 30 : 2PM-6PM

VENUE: Chatham Hall, 152 Northcote Road, Battersea SW11 6RD

The time of the birth of your child, whether your first precious baby, or your fourth, is always a heart-opening and sacred time. Whether birthing at home, in a home-from-home unit or on a labour ward, every mother wishes the same; to be, and to feel, safe; to be as comfortable as possible and not to feel alone. The importance of choosing and having a loving birth partner to accompany you cannot be under-estimated.

Calling on the traditions of Yoga, Hypnosis, Mindfulness and Bodywork Nadia has gathered together the practices and teachings she feels most cultivate connection, presence and ease in the labour room. Having supported over 50 couples over a thirteen-year period and experienced four births herself, Nadia brings a deep and personal knowledge of the childbirth experience and how best to navigate it so that it unfolds in an environment of calm, care and Love


“Thank you, Nadia, for such an awesome day…. it is the best advice within this kind of thing that I have done for my pregnancy so far…” Katy Appleton, Founder Apple Yoga.


For more information:
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Re: Win a Birth Rehearsal Workshop for you and your Partner worth £95

Postby YogawithNadia » Sat Nov 23, 2019 8:04 am

Hello, I have designed and will be teaching the half-day Partners Birth Rehearsal event on Saturday 30 Nov so I thought I would share the itinerary with you. It's a rich day of learning designed to empower you both.
I have been teaching this workshop for many years and have prepped hundreds of nappy valley couples for the birth journey experience.
If you would like to bring your partner and attend the rehearsal, you can book your ticket at the link below

Part 1
The Prep
Birth Stories - the partner's perspective
Guided Relaxation and Visualisation
Presentation on the Hormones of Labour - this talk unlocks the flow of the birth and, within it, we also look at questions like when to transfer in? When and how to distract? When and how to support? The focus is on How the mother feels and how the hormones drive the action. This knowledge is fascinating and offers a clear care pathway through the labour.
Partners Exercise on creating the ideal environment at home, in transit, and in hospital.
Partners Exercise on Mindful Speaking and Listening: Sharing fears around labour, birth and new parenting

Part 2
The Rehearsal
Early labour - how to navigate with ease
Partners: How to support Sleeping and resting at inset and during labour 
The shape of a contraction
A routine for being with contractions
Guiding her back from pain and resistance.
Movement and positions for Active Labour
Touch and Massage, Acupressure and Directed Breathing
Holding and supporting your  partner during the second stage
Birth Advocacy.

This is a really practical day and you will finish with a really clear idea of how to navigate the day and nights of your birth journey.

Book Your Ticket Here:

If you have any questions email me at

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