Online 2nd baby preparation classes via zoom

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Online 2nd baby preparation classes via zoom

Postby ESA » Mon Apr 06, 2020 2:43 pm

If you're expecting your 2nd baby and would like to learn about the practicalities of life with 2 and ways you can prepare especially now we're in isolation, I'll be running sessions each week on zoom.

Each class will be run over 2 evenings so you can get to know others better online and we set up whatsapp group after the class so you can reconnect, support each other through this difficult time and ultimately meet up when we're allowed out again. I'll also email you introductions to others local to you who have attended other classes so you have an even bigger social group to draw on.

 Here's feedback from the online sessions I've run in the past two weeks."Really useful session and a great refresher I thought it was a good mix of preparing for two children and how to cope/routine etc and a refresher of challenging aspects of just having a baby!!", Sarah
"Thank you for the class it was very informative and helpful. Zoom worked well too! ", Jo
 "It was great thanks, really good refresher and nice to have more of an idea about ways to do bath time etc", Tori
 "Thanks again for the course - very useful and have definitely been reminded of some tips that I had totally forgotten re looking after a newborn!", Rebecca

Here are dates scheduled with new classes being added based on demand. Classes are usually at 7.30pm given the demands of trying to work from home and minding toddlers...
 6 /7 April
13/14 April
21/22 April

 6/7 May
13/14 May
26/27 May

 11/12th June
15/16th June
18/19th June
22nd/23rd June

Do get in touch if you'd like to join a class or find out more and I'll match you with the best age gap/due date/location of the others attending. or 07968 187 998I hope you're managing to stay well.Eilish
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