Is There Any Point In Getting A Doula If We’re Still In Lockdown?

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The Barnes Doula
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Is There Any Point In Getting A Doula If We’re Still In Lockdown?

Postby The Barnes Doula » Fri Aug 14, 2020 11:01 pm

Since so many of the hospitals have banned second birth partners, it would be easy to think that doulas don’t currently have a part to play in birth. The science confirms that the support of a doula not only reduces unwanted interventions but also increases birth satisfaction. (Cochrane Report findings) The key word here is “support” - and not having a doula with you physically for the few hours you’re in hospital doesn’t negate their support.

It’s often said that 70% of the birth takes place before labour starts - and it’s in the months and weeks that lead up to birth that you can really set the groundwork for the kind of birth and postpartum period that you want.

A lockdown birth doula package may not include physical support at the birth, but it will include:

💗A friendly, non-judgemental ear throughout the pregnancy - before and after appointments and other important moments - for issues big and small. A call or a coffee, I’m there.
💜Signposting for additional support and information in pregnancy, birth and beyond - supplying you with the key information and experts in each field to avoid the Google black hole for every concern.
💙Six hours of birth preparation sessions for the birthing person - and partner if there is one - covering everything you need to know about the routes your birth may take and how you can work together for the birth you want.
💚Birth logistics information - to prepare for early labour signs and what to do, stages of labour, getting ready for homebirth, or measures to make the hospital transfer seamless.
💛Comfort measures for labour - planning ahead to ensure you’re prepared with natural pain relieving techniques and tricks to get baby into an optimal position for birth.
🧡 Once labour begins, your doula will support you at home (social distancing if you want) and transfer with you to the hospital - supporting you with all the skills in the doula toolbox, from massage and counter pressure to positioning and aromatherapy.
❤️ Then, if you choose to birth in hospital, you’ll have a “doula in your pocket” - on the phone, FaceTime and Zoom - supporting you with her skills and the knowledge gained in months of getting to know your family.
💝Whether in person or virtually, your doula will support you in the first few hours - helping to establish feeding and support with any other questions you have.

There’s so much more to doula support than presence in the birth room - as powerful as that is - and at a time of such uncertainty, a little extra support has never been more necessary.

To find out more about local, practical and friendly doula support that could change your birth experience, get in touch.x
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