Pregnant? Stressed? Want what your baby needs most?

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Pregnant? Stressed? Want what your baby needs most?

Postby KristinHayward » Sat Nov 28, 2020 11:26 am

Pregnancy brings lots of new emotions, situations and challenges but Covid has added a whole new layer of stress.

Your baby needs a calm, confident, positive mum. Your wellbeing has a direct impact on your baby so it's vital to learn effective techniques and create the best mindset for your pregnancy and birth, particularly in these challenging times.

HB BREATHING FOR BIRTH WORKSHOP with the experts Tues 1st December, 7-8.30pm
     This workshop teaches you those all important hypnobirthing breathing techniques which are key to easier labour with far less pain (some say no pain!). It's packed with useful hypnobirthing tips and techniques which are so useful to keep you calm and confident during pregnancy and once baby is here too. They're Life Skills!

LEARN how to step away from the stress with ease - your baby's definitely worth it ...

                  Only £35 per couple or £25 with our online home study or live course.
                                                       Email for more info.

Did you know your baby will also benefit from this workshop - when mum is stressed then baby stresses too. There are reports of more baby reflux, morning sickness, longer labour and interventions needed since Covid stress has hit the world.

I'm a hypnobirthing expert, having taught countless couples techniques for an easier pregnancy and birth for the past 20yrs, with amazing results. I'm always happy to chat if you have questions about hypnobirthing, hypnofertility and hypnotherapy ... sometimes just a chat can help! Feel free to give me a call.

wishing you and your baby all the best, hope to connect soon.
Kristin x
07963 046456
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