Birth Experience. Does it Matter?

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Birth Experience. Does it Matter?

Postby Nadiayoga » Wed May 05, 2021 5:43 pm

It is a sad truth that modern obstetrics have reduced childbirth to a clinical process and pregnancy to a series of examinations and procedures with calamitous consequences for women.
Today induction rates in urban areas are around 40per cent; the csection rate has also sky-rocketed, 60 per cent of women are taking epidural analgesia which can impact feeding and overall figures demonstrate that natural birth is no longer normal birth.
Yet a staggering 85% of women say they want to experience a normal birth.

I am a birth doula, mother of 4, yogini, pelvic health specialist and yoga teacher. I am passionate about preparing women for childbirth in all it’s shades and colours but giving them the best chance Ina difficult context of realising a normal birth; a beautiful birth.

I am committed to bringing back the spiritual dimension to childbirth. Everything I teach whether through the lens of Yoga or Mindfulness or Birth Preparation is geared towards opening up this dimension. It is part of the human experience.
I am in trifled to hear from the community where you stand in this? Did you feel robbed of your birth experience? In refine the would you do anything differently? What does a spiritual birth mean to you?

Modern birthing is not in a good way. Culturally there is so much fear and disempowerment in pregnancy and birth with knock-on effects for perinatal mental health?
Perhaps you had a powerful and positive experience. Can you share how and why?
We need to have these conversations. Nit scaremongering or avoiding but wise sharing of experience so that we can all learn from each other.
Women live with the consequences of their births whether physical or emotions for the rest of their lives. This is a peak female experience. It’s time to start talking and sharing. I’d live to hear from you.
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Re: Birth Experience. Does it Matter?

Postby Batterseamumoftwo » Wed Jun 02, 2021 8:59 pm

I had not such a good first birth and then came to your yoga sessions when pregnant with #2 and #3. I was much more prepared to follow my own lead rather than that of the doctors for #2 and #3 and wouldn’t change either of them. And the midwives at C&W were amazing for all three - so overstretched yet smiling and personable all the way
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