9 Week Postpartum Body-Renew Program (9 Spaces)

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9 Week Postpartum Body-Renew Program (9 Spaces)

Postby BeattitudeFitness » Mon Sep 27, 2021 5:53 pm


This PROGRAM is for you if YOU...
  • Have had a baby (no matter how long ago)
  • Feel you have a weak core / pelvic floor; experiencing (even if mild) any downward pressure on the pelvic floor or don't have confidence that your pelvic floor is strong enough.
  • Have a "poochy" belly or Diastasis (sep. of the abs) that needs rehabilitating back to strength
  • Feel unfit and weak; and want to regain your body's overall strength, function and fitness
  • Have back, shoulder or knee pain and want to feel more mobile
  • Want to better confidence in your body and feel yourself again.
  • Want to meet other mums, and build a community of friends
After 9 weeks YOU WILL...
  • Have a stronger body; able to lift weights and be confident; not necessarily needing to focus on the “lift” of the pelvic floor muscles.
  • Be back to medium impact exercises without damage to the pelvic floor
  • Tone and define your body, and feel confident again
  • Decrease separation of the abdominals; lessen the "pooch" and be more functionally strong
  • Have a stronger core that is able to handle planks
  • A higher level of fitness; able to workout to a good level, including HIIT workouts and running
  • Be ready to take your training to the next level and define your next body and fitness goals
The 9 week Body-Renew program GIVES YOU....
  • 1 Semi-Private Personal Training session (per wk) with childcare; (3 clients/1 coach) so that you can have focussed attention on you and your training. The times of these will be decided when we have our 9 clients. We will pair up groups of 3 and set weekly times that suit each of them. This simply means it's easier to schedule it for our clients.
  • 9 week progressive training plan; that starts from the foundations and increases week on week into medium impact and strength work. The plan has been developed over a matter of years, feedback and results from the clients who have been on the course before. The semi-private personal training sessions, along with the education and home workouts all work on a basis to steadily increase the intensity, just as you would if you were having personal training.
  • 2 home workouts (20 mins) per week; increasing in intensity and providing that extra focus to help you develop a strong body. Great to work on specific elements that we need you to progress with, including pelvic floor activators and core work (that is essential for recovery and repair)
  • 12 club class membership; allowing you to come to an extra 2-3 classes on top of your Semi-private personal training sessions (your coach will guide each of you individually as to which and when). This also allows you to make the times to suit your lifestyle, you only have to stick to the one Semi-Private Personal Training session per week; the rest you can attend at different times.
  • 3 week check ins; with our head pre/post natal trainer to check your diatasis, posture and take your body measurements. A HUGE motivator in the progress of many clients journey. The more you can see the changes, the more motivated you are to continue and press further in your workouts.
  • 9 weeks of educational articles; to help you develop your understanding of how to get back to full fitness and function. We believe it's extremely important that we not only teach you but educate as well. The more understanding you have, the better you can connect in your workouts and everyday life.

This 9 week course is segmented into 3 different stages, to allow you to see your incremental progress from one phase to the next, and to guide you back to full body function.


Weeks 1-3 - Building function
Week 4-6 - Building strength
Weeks 7-9 - Building fitness



Sophie is our resident pre and post natal specialist.

She is not only a Level 3 Personal Trainer, pre/post natal specialist, trained dancer, BarreConcept & L2 Gymnastics. She is a trained dancer, grabbing herself a HNC in musical theatre and BA (Hons) Dance, with other certifications in BarreConcept and Level 2 Gymnastics.

Back in Scotland, Sophie was a coach for a 12 week programme for women to build strength and to teach the basics of lifting technique. She grew up as a competitive gymnast and dancer and went on to study performing arts in Edinburgh and then Cambridge.

Since moving to London, she has found a passion for helping women feel empowered through movement and even started her own podcast called ‘All Good in the Sisterhood’ that aims to educate and inspire women.

"Sophie is wonderful, she really focuses on you individually. She also really encourages and motivates you."


Feel more in control of your body
Regain your fitness and strength
Get focussed, targeted coaching for where you are right now
Give yourself 9 weeks of fitness focus
Regain strength, function and control in your pelvic floor and core
Lean up and tone up



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