C-section Scar Recovery Treatment| Book your FREE Consultation

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C-section Scar Recovery Treatment| Book your FREE Consultation

Postby Battersea Massage » Wed Mar 29, 2023 2:56 pm

Hello local mums,

My name is Violet and I'm a local Chronic Pain, TMJ and post-surgery and C-section Scar Specialist practising on Battersea Park Road.

My specialism lies in connecting the dots and finding missing links to treat the root-cause of your pain.

One of the missing links are post surgery, injury and C-section scars.

I practice ScarWork therapy that is gentle, hands-on technique designed to alleviate pain, improve mobility and enhance the appearance of scars.

ScarWork therapy provides physical benefits, but also have a positive impact on person's emotional wellbeing by promoting body awareness and self-acceptance.

With its no-ninvasive approach and holistic approach to healing, ScarWork therapy is a valuable tool for anyone looking to improve their scar tissue function and appearance.

My client's story:
Six months after birth my client experienced numbness, tingling and pain in the stomach, lower back pain and digestive issues that got her ill. She was doing all the tests however all came with negative.

She contacted me to discuss her chronic pain and we talked through her pregnancy, Ivf treatments and birth. Upon consultation we treated scar & adhesions and her symptoms started to decrease, as well as the scar appearance post 6 treatments a per picture above.
Now we creating a plan to prepare her body for 2nd IVF procedure.

If you are not happy with your C-section scar after having a baby, "overhang or pouch" and/or experience hip pain, lower back pain and digestive issues please give me a call for a FREE CONSULTATION.

Contact Violet for more information or FREE CONSULTATION:

Mob: 07596526262
Email: hello@battersea-massage.co.uk


Look forward to hearing from you.

Have a great week!

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