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Mother/Baby Psychotherapy C&W Hospital

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Mother/Baby Psychotherapy C&W Hospital

Postby Mother_Of_Boys » Mon Feb 19, 2018 2:37 pm

Just wondered who has benefitted from the Mother Baby Psychotherapy at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital? I honestly believed it saved my life when I was suffering from PND. So helpful to have a space to talk about my raging anxiety after I had my son. I felt held and heard. It was central to me making a full recovery and everyone recovers from this illness. Who else has it helped?
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Re: Mother/Baby Psychotherapy C&W Hospital

Postby Suresha » Mon Apr 16, 2018 9:18 am

I’m a GP in Wandsworth and have been so for 24 years. I have witnessed at first hand how maternal mental illness has finally been recognised as a serious condition which health professionals strive to diagnose in the Perinatal period and refer for treatment. We are extremely lucky to have access to not only the psychiatric team at st George’s and IAPT, but also to the psychotherapy team at Chelsea Westminster . The women referred to Chelsea Westminster include many with chronic underlying issues which affect their ability to bond with their baby.They can be seen throughout pregnancy and for up to a year postnatally at Chelsea or in the Wandsworth community area at designated Gp surgeries. Babies are welcome to the sessions, and partners may also be involved.I have always had amazing feedback from patients who have received excellent treatment from Danny O’Shea, the lead psychotherapist, and his team.