Gentle Infant Sleep Coach Offering a 20% discount off all consultations

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Gentle Infant Sleep Coach Offering a 20% discount off all consultations

Postby carolinegunston » Fri May 25, 2018 4:02 pm

Hi Mums & Dads

I’m Caroline, a qualified infant sleep coach supporting families with positive sleep solutions for their babies and toddlers. My approach is gentle, family-centred and holistic. I believe in the importance of empowering families just like yours with positive, gentle sleep strategies to help you achieve a calmer, happier household.

I am based near Greenwich and offer home visits within London and consultations via Skype for clients further afield.

Offering a 20% discount off all consultations for Nappy Valley Net Families until 30th June 2018!

Get in touch and let's get everyone sleeping better!

Warmly, Caroline

Here are some testimonials...

“We reached out to Caroline just before the arrival of our first baby. We felt quite nervous about ‘getting it right’ and wanted to ensure we knew how to help our baby sleep as well as possible. Via FaceTime, we talked through what to expect in those early weeks and months and Caroline sent us a valuable sleep plan full of really useful advice and suggestions based on what we’d talked about. It really felt as though Caroline really listened to our concerns as anxious new parents! Our little girl is not so little anymore but at now 4 months old, we can say she has a great routine and sleeps beautifully! Thank you!“
Mum | 4-month-old

“My husband and I really appreciate Caroline’s help. Our 3-year-old daughter was still dependent on a bottle to help her fall asleep. She also needed it whenever she woke up at night to resettle. Hence she still had to wear a nappy at night as well. Using Caroline’s advice, we managed to get rid of the bottle AND night nappies within just a few days. She now sleeps through the night without waking up at all. We are now consulting Caroline on improving the sleep of our 1-year old. We are very thankful to Caroline for her help“.
Mum | 11-month-old & 3 year old
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