2nd baby preparation class

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2nd baby preparation class

Postby ESA » Wed Nov 07, 2018 1:50 pm

I run a 3hour 2ND BABY class to get ready for and start to think about the arrival of your 2nd baby.

The classes are grouped by due date, area and age gap so you meet fellow local parents in the same position.We go through ways of coping with 2 with lots of practical tips at mealtimes, bed and bath time, how to feed your baby and entertain your older one, and a reminder of newborn care - looking in particular at sleep and routines and feeding.

 Here are local class dates held at 7.30pm. There are mid-week daytime options available too at 9.30am. Classes are held in other locations around London on different dates  (see my website for details). If you can't see a date that suits, just ask as I add new options all the time.

 8 November 1-2yr
15 Nov 2-3yrs

 3 December 1-2 yrs
4 Dec 2-3yrs
5 Dec 3yr+

 30 January 2-3yr 
5 February 1-2 yr 
6 February 3yr+

12th March 2-3yr 
19th March 1-2yr 
20th March 3yr+ 
 I'd be delighted to answer any questions 
info@thebabycarecompany.co.uk 07968 187998 or help check which class would be best to come to based on your age gap, due date and where you live. My website is www.thebabycarecompany.co.ukThanks, Eilish
The Baby Care Company
1st and 2nd baby preparation classes in the local area.
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Re: 2nd baby preparation class

Postby Hannah14568 » Sun Dec 09, 2018 5:31 pm

Your project`s really good and useful idea, I hope that you have a lot of listeners )) Good luck with your activity! I hope you`ll do well there ))
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