Nanny with own child seeking new position

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Nanny with own child seeking new position

Postby Crumbelina » Mon Sep 23, 2019 9:51 am

I'm a nanny with my own child (2.5years old) who is looking for a new position for between 3-5 days where my daughter can come along too. I have been back at work since she was 5months old but due to a large reduction in the hours my currently family need me, I am looking for a new position. I am flexible on the days and hours that I am available but I would prefer a minimum of 30h per week (if it is a before and after school + school holidays position, an average of 30h over the year is fine!).

I have 18 years experience in childcare and am super enthusiastic, hard-working, affectionate, and have brilliant references. I am great at organising and have lots of experience with helping to run busy households with lots of children. I also have plenty of experience with newborns and babies and would be happy to work for a family with almost any number of children or combination of ages.

My daughter is 2.5 and very chilled out and adaptable, and has yet to meet a child she didn't want to play with! She attends nursery locally 2 mornings a week. My husband is able to work flexibly if needed so is able to care for her without me missing work, should she be ill. As a nanny with their own child I'm very happy to work flexibly so happy to work additional hours when needed etc. I can provide excellent references on request.

*** PLEASE NOTE I HAVE A 2 WEEK HOLIDAY BOOKED AT THE END OF JAN/EARLY FEB*** unfortunately this is for my sisters wedding in Australia and I am unable to change this holiday.
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