Affordable Live In Childcare Options

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Affordable Live In Childcare Options

Postby tgncUK19 » Wed Oct 09, 2019 12:41 pm

Family Assistants from tgnc
We would like to give some feedback from our SW Mummy Clients who use our Family Assistants to see if they would be an option for your family.. 

Two lovely clients telling The Daily Mail why hiring a Family Assistant with tgnc Childcare has been a ''Game Changer'' for their family.
''Ms Freud, a 36-year-old mother of three from London, has employed a live-in family assistant from the Czech Republic called Karla to help with her children – six-year-old Jago and Georgia, three – while she nurses five-month-old Willow.‘It’s been a game-changer for us,’ she says. ‘Karla is as bright as a button. She looks after the older children for a bit of time every day, takes them to tennis lessons or to the playground or swimming.‘She makes sure the playroom is tidy after they’ve been in there, cleans the kitchen after I’ve cooked, mops up the bathroom after bath time. When I come down from putting the children to bed, the sitting room has been tidied.'‘Karla does the chores I don’t want to do so I can be with the children when I can and enjoy the time instead of thinking; “I have to load the dishwasher.”‘She even reads them a story if my husband is running late home from work, so I can put the baby to bed.’ Mrs Freud’s family assistant – who lives in and works 35 hours a week plus two nights of babysitting – also does the food shopping and runs errands. And the wages involved are considerably lower.‘All of my friends who pay through the nose for regular nannies have people who are militant about leaving on time, don’t tidy up after themselves and are very inflexible if a parent can’t be home promptly,’ Mrs Freud said.‘They’re all considering switching to a family assistant. I have a friend who has been paying £600 per week for a nanny who has switched to a family assistant for almost a third of the price and is overjoyed.’
''TV executive Ms Horton has had her ‘invaluable’ family assistant since January to help with her children, aged eight and six. Having had nannies since her children were born, Ms Horton is impressed with her new helper.‘She’s 32, she’s bright, fluent in Spanish with very good English and she was in fact a primary teacher in her country, so I know I can leave her to it when it comes to looking after the children,’ she says.‘I’m a busy professional and I don’t get home until about 7pm, so I don’t want to have to spoon-feed someone or be patient while they learn English, as can sometimes be the case with an au pair. The children also have no need for a full-time nanny at their age.’Ms Horton’s family assistant manages washing, sorts out sports kits, organises after-school clubs and arranges and schedules playdates.‘It’s all organised,’ she says. ‘There’s lots of juggling and she is invaluable. For me, childcare is not just about the children but about helping me run my life.’'
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