Looking for a Polish nanny from January (start date can be flexible)

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Looking for a Polish nanny from January (start date can be flexible)

Postby szerma » Tue Nov 19, 2019 11:58 am

Hello, we are a Polish-South African family and we are looking for a Polish speaking nanny (with good English). We live just off Northcote Road, near Clapham Junction. Our kids are aged 3 and 6, and are happy, bubbly and energetic. It involves usual nanny duties including taking the kids and pick up from school / nursery, a few activities, cooking for the children. This is a nanny, not a housekeeper role.

The job is Mon-Thursday. We have a preference for a live in nanny, but could also consider a live out nanny, if we can make the hours work. The primary requirement is from 12-6:30 pm, Mon-Thursday. We also need help for 2 hours in the morning (~7-7:30-9:15), and one evening of babysitting and school holiday help, but for a live-out role, we could find another arrangement for those additional hours. We are open to someone bringing their child to work.

If live in, our nanny will have a beautiful, room in the loft (very private, own bathroom), fully furnished with a king size bed, small sofa, TV etc - the room was renovated earlier this year and new furniture bought. We have had live in nannies for more than 5 years, our current nanny (whom we love) just resigned as she got an office job.

We are also open to having someone in a more au pair capacity (e.g. a student) and reduce the hours.

However, Polish language skills are still a requirement (and so is good English)!

Many thanks,
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