Kiddi Caru EarlCourt Closure

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Kiddi Caru EarlCourt Closure

Postby ZeeK » Thu Feb 13, 2020 12:12 am

Do not trust the Brand Kiddi Caru/ Grandir!!

My daughter started the nursery in September, Management brutally announced permanent closure of nursery with a 1 months notice last month!!

leaving families distraught and stressed!!!staff members looking for work, children!!!!without childcare parents farcically looking for another nurseries.

The company (The Childcare Corporation Ltd, and its French company Grandir Group  is only driven by profit and do not care about the disruption and stress they leave behind. 

My advise do not touch them with a barge pole. 

the stress and anxiety caused by the company so many parents may have to give their jobs if they are unable to find alternative childcare. 

please share this thread on many platforms as you can we need your support.
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