Au Pairs??

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Au Pairs??

Postby Nozzle » Mon Feb 25, 2013 3:17 pm

We are thinking about having an au pair when our nanny leaves as our children will be at nursery/ school but have never gone down this road before!

Any top tips for questions, suggested current local rates for pocket money and advice v gratefully received!
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Re: Au Pairs??

Postby BalhamMumWorkingFT » Mon Feb 25, 2013 3:26 pm

Interview them in person before you get them to come to your house. You can usually get an inexpensive flight from most European countries to the UK for a weekend.

Set the house rules before they arrive. No boys or friends in house without us meeting them first, never any overnight guests period, clean up after yourself, keep your room tidy at all times, etc...

Hours usually are around 25 for a normal Au Pair and 35 for a Au Pair Plus.

We did £80 spending money, mobile phone, monthly travel card for our Au Pairs. They didn't need to travel anywhere for the kids but it was a nice thing for them to have plus I always knew they could make it home. Phone was also good because I always wanted them to be safe and be able to call them at anytime while with the kids. We also had a list of foods they loved to ensure the house was stocked when they came and left really lovely bathroom stuff in their rooms to make them feel appreciated and welcome.

Communication is key. Keep things honest and open at all times and it will be a great relationship for everyone.
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Re: Au Pairs??

Postby irap » Mon Mar 04, 2013 11:37 am

Au pairs are great if you find a great one, like a nanny I guess. I agree that the most important thing is that you are honest and direct from the start about what you need.

We have a lovely au pair from Spain which works 35 hours a week and we give her 115 pounds a week plus phone allowance and she gets 5 paid holiday weeks a year.

I have to also add that we did have some bad experiences. The main thing is to be very direct from the start and tell them exactly what you need and also interview them in person.

If you need more info about where to look or anything just send a message!