Positive, Patient Tutor Available for Summer Holidays

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Positive, Patient Tutor Available for Summer Holidays

Postby rae » Fri Jul 26, 2013 3:42 pm

Tutor with 1st class honours medical science degree available over the summer. Also TEFL qualified.

I am experienced with a range of ages and have worked with children with special needs (inc. autism) and with English as a second language. I can offer the following over the summer:

- Science tutoring up to KS3.
- Human Biology/Anatomy/Physiology tutoring up to KS5.
- English, Maths, and general study skills tutoring up to KS2.
- Preparing 3 to 4 year olds for starting school, including teaching phonics and beginning reading/writing (depending on child's age and readiness) and practice following instructions.
- Tutoring children with additional needs, inc. life skills lessons.
- Reviewing previous school years work so it's not all forgotten over the holidays!
- Educational trips to London museums, galleries, etc. (entry fees covered by parent, where relevant)
- English as a second language tutoring to all ages.

I am happy to come to your home or hold sessions in a local library or coffee shop. I am able to offer one-off or regular sessions, please get in touch to discuss your needs!
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Re: Positive, Patient Tutor Available for Summer Holidays

Postby travelmum » Mon Jul 29, 2013 1:16 pm

Highly recommended! If you need someone to give your little ones an educational boost give Rae a try!

Our son is making the step up to big school in Sept and we want to help him catch up in one or two areas before he goes. We've now had two sessions with Rae and our son actually looks forward to more! He's already making progress and as bonus Rae has helped him tackle his tendency to become overwhelmed and stressed by challenging work. He's learning to break tasks down and take them on in smaller chunks and some strategies for cooling off before he gets freaked out.

We also had her do one session with our youngest who is starting Reception in Sept, just to see what would that would be like. Our youngest is extremely stubborn and has shown no interest in anything beyond counting and the alphabet despite being almost 5. Rae did warn us that youngest might just not be ready to learn to read and write and that she didn't advocate forcing them but she'd be happy to try a session. She used some sticker activity books (we paid a couple of quid for them) and youngest LOVED it. We've tried carrying on with the books ourselves as youngest enjoys them but she seems to rush through and not really learn from the activities when we do it! The structure of having someone else come in and work with her seems to suit her better so we'll be trying a couple more sessions for her too.
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