Looking for a nanny in Kennington (from Aug / Sep 2014)

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Looking for a nanny in Kennington (from Aug / Sep 2014)

Postby fionacanning » Fri May 30, 2014 10:15 pm

Hi -

I'm hoping this forum can help with recommendations for a nanny. We'd love to find someone loved and trusted - with experience in the local area.

We're moving back to London after 5 years in New York and are looking for a nanny for our 18 month old son. It could be 3, 4 or 5 days a week as we're also looking at a couple of days of nursery.

Ideally we'd like:
- regular daytime childcare (someone to keep my son happy and safe roughly 8am - 7pm - arranging playdates and helping keep him on schedule, transition through development milestones, dealing with visiting grandparents, taking him to visit cousins etc)
- flexible childcare (ideally someone with the flexibility to stay later occasionally, babysit on a weekly basis, etc)
- light housekeeping (we will have a cleaner too, but looking for someone to keep the house tidy, do the laundry, buy and prepare food for my son, etc)
- help with day to day tasks (e.g., pick up dry-cleaning, go to the post office, liaise with tradespeople etc)

We're also ideally looking for someone CPR trained with significant childcare experience. We will ask for references and run a background check.

Start date could be August 1st or September 1st. We will pay on the books and offer standard holiday (largely around our holiday schedule).

We currently live in Kennington (in a very un-child friendly maisonette that's all stairs and terraces), but will be looking to move within the year (probably a similar area).

Please do let me know if you're interested or can recommend anyone. We'll be over late June to meet people.

Many thanks -
Fiona (mum to Isaac - 18 months)
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Re: Looking for a nanny in Kennington (from Aug / Sep 2014)

Postby LevinaParle » Sat May 31, 2014 10:57 am

Hello Fiona,

I have sent you a PM.


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Lenka Krysova
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Re: Looking for a nanny in Kennington (from Aug / Sep 2014)

Postby Lenka Krysova » Sun Jun 01, 2014 12:12 pm

Hello, Fiona. I am very interest in your offer. I am looking for step up and start working like live out nanny (taxes paid). I have a lots of experience with small children and I love to play with them and move their ability to next level. I know it around west Kennington, because I worked there before. You can check my references from last two years. I am 25 years old, but i love care about children and looking for long term, full time job where I can see children grow up. Please let me know if I fit in your ideas about your new nanny.

Here is my Cv:
I am an experienced, hardworking, organised, energetic and responsible nanny looking to work for a family seeking a full-time nanny to help them with daily activities and any childcare needs. I am also happy to consider a nanny share.
Education: High school of Civil engineering, subject Geodesy, graduated 2011
- First-aid and CPR (2011 and 2014)
- Child nutrition (2014)
- Clean background and criminal history
- Driver's license and possibility to drive in UK
Mackenzie-Francis family, from November 2012 until present
My initial role was caring full time for the family's 1 year old boy whilst the mother started work. In 2013 they had a second boy and I have been looking after him from birth along with their older boy in a shared role whilst the mother is on maternity leave. Most of the time I was working in sole charge.
My duties include:
Getting the boys up and dressed in the morning and giving them breakfast. Nursery drop off and pick up
General child related activities and walking the dog (twice per day). Teaching through play; shapes, talking, counting, physical abilities, getting dressed, sitting up. Teatime, bath time and bed time routines.
Cooking and light house work
I often travel with the family to Scotland, and have been with them on family holidays. Occasionally they have asked me for weekend help at their weekend house.
Please see reference below.
Stevenson family, from June 2012 until November 2012
Mrs. Stevenson is the older sister of Mrs. Mackenzie-Francis. Mrs. Stevenson was on maternity leave with her three month old girl when I started work for her family. They also have twin boys, aged two when I started. My duties were to look after all 3 children or cleaning the house. We took it in turns taking care of the children and cleaning up the house with an au-pair that they had at the time. I was responsible for their daily routine. Walks, activities, feeding time, bath time, story time and bed time. They had a weekend house and I often went to help.
Reference see below.
Au-pair for West family, from July 2009 until May 2010
This was my first job of taking care of children. Mrs. and Mr. West had a one year old boy and the mother was pregnant with twin girls. I had been working for them for two weeks when the girls were born (two months early). It was a busy time for the family and I was responsible for the little boy all day, while the parents were in hospital with the girls. When the girls came home I was helping Mrs. West to care for all her children. Feeding, bathing, playing, activities, cooking, bed time.

Other interests: Reading, listening to music, swimming and meeting with friends.

Reference 1
To whom it may concern.
This to comfirm that Lenka Krysova has worked with our family since November 2012. She was in sole charge of my eldest son 3 and 1/2 days per week whilst I was at work (he was 1 at the time). She has then worked jointly with me caring for both my children when I had my second son who was born September 2013.
Lenka is a hard working, cheerful and enthusiastic person. She adores children and isn't afraid to muck around with them, she also loves teaching them new skills. She is firm but fair when it comes to discipline and has been very good at teaching my eldest table manners.
We have left her in sole charge with both children on various occasions and have felt confident in her abilities to deal with any situation that may arise, she is sensible and practical when left in charge.
She has also has been very helpful around the house doing laundry for all the family and keeping the children's rooms tidy.
She will be missed and we wish her the very best in the future.
Doune Mackenzie-Francis

Reference 2
Lenka was our nanny from June to November 2012 before moving to become a nanny for my sister who was returning to work. Social and vivacious with a great sense of fun, Lenka enjoys teaching children new things and dreaming up games for them to play.
She is confident taking children to playgroups, museums, on the bus and to the park and works best in a busy bustling household. She is flexible and always willing to throw herself into new challenges.
Mrs Sabrina Stevenson
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elena bogdan
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Re: Looking for a nanny in Kennington (from Aug / Sep 2014)

Postby elena bogdan » Tue Jun 10, 2014 3:14 pm

My name is Elena ,30 years old and I am nanny for almost 5years .
I am looking for a full time position ,4-5 days per week .
I am currently working for 2 lovely families ,Gabriele ,2 years old and Leo ,4years old plus Simon 3 years old and Candice 5 years old in clapham junction but unfortunately my contracts are coming to a end at the beginning of August so I am looking to find a new family to start a new beginning
I love children and happy to be part of their development and their fantasy world ,making them feel secure,playing funny and inventive games ,indoors or outdoors and encourage them in the arts and crafts world .
I have experience working whit children aged between 12 months to 12 years old ,ofsted registered ,CRB checked and First aid certificate .
I love cooking and baking for and whit the kids ,they really like my brownies )
If you like to know more about me please feel free to contact me at
Thank you
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