Katie from The KatieSitters Club available from end of Jan!

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Katie from The KatieSitters Club available from end of Jan!

Postby kgodles9 » Tue Nov 24, 2015 3:04 pm

***Nanny availability news***
Hi lovely families! Katie here from The KatieSitters Club again!

So after finding my perfect regular family, sadly their situation has changed and they currently forsee themselves moving out of London by the end of January. They've wonderfully given me plenty of notice though, so I'd like to start putting some feelers out for a new family in SW who might be my perfect fit.

I'm looking at upping my regular hours next year to full time - 40 hours/week spread over 4 longer days. I'm flexible on which days these are but I do require a certain degree of flexibility (occasionally and always with plenty of notice) to be able to shuffle these days around. (flexibility also works both ways)

I would like to be paid legitimately through 'PAYE for nannies' or another equivalent company whereby my net rate is £10/hr.

Please email me at Kgodles9@gmail.com if you're interested. Loads of experience newborn and up, loads of references, and the beautiful family I am very sadly leaving will happily have a chat with prospectives. I have only been with them since September (looking after their gorgeous 9 Montherr) but the previous family before that I was with for over a year (3+5 yrs old) and would also be happy to chat.

I am an Aussie dancer/musical theatre performer also which tends to be obvious when the little ones get to know me. Creative, loving and looking to work in conjunction with parents to take care of their children with close communication.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Oh and by the way!

I am also the front lady to The KatieSitters Club.
In case you haven't heard about us, we are The KatieSitters Club assisting families in (mainly) SW London with no membership, affordable, fun loving childcare for £10 - £12/hr paid cash directly to your sitter. We're only a small team (currently 6) so every effort is made to rebook the same lovely lady and have them develop a rapport with your children and family. If you'd like to join, you'll just need to set up a file with me, please find below the easy steps in which to do so :)

To obtain an info-pack explaining how we work and rates etc, head to my FB page linked below and request to join. Once I have approved you, just go to 'pinned posts' at the top of the page and download my Welcome to The KatieSitters Club doc.

Then just copy paste & complete the short family profile and have a read of the agreement. Before we get a chance to sign a hard copy, please send an email to kgodles9@gmail.com email with your completed family profile stating that you
"have read, understand and agree the KatieSitters Club ethical family agreement" and confirm that you are able to pop it in the post at your earliest convenience.

You will have to do it from a computer as copy paste doesn't work on ipads/phones and PDF's, but if this is an issue, let me know and I'll email you a copy.

****please note I will not approve your request to join the KSC page unless you have made contact with me via private FB message/text/telephone/smoke signal - just anything so that I know you're a legit family needing childcare.***

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