Full-time Live-in Nanny July 2018

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Full-time Live-in Nanny July 2018

Postby Lanoula » Fri May 25, 2018 5:44 pm

Hi all

We are looking for a permanent full-time nanny with new-born and toddler experience to work with us.
We are a German/French couple with 2 kids : 2 years and 2 month old. Our oldest will be going to nursery full time in autumn so your typical day will be:
-Get toddler ready to go to nursery and feed baby
-Drop toddler at nursery (walking distance)
-Do activities with baby
- Prepare food for toddler
-Put baby down for a nap
-Pick up toddler
- Organise some fun activity/play time at home
-Give dinner
-Give Bath to one of the children

We oay competitively and are keen to speak with candidates that have a genuine interest in children and that are energetic.

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