>>>>The Gentle Supertastic Nanny is looking for 2-3 full days<<<<

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>>>>The Gentle Supertastic Nanny is looking for 2-3 full days<<<<

Postby agananny » Tue Jul 10, 2018 10:48 pm


I am a professional and gentle Nanny & Sleep Consultant with 11 years
of childcare experience. I am motivated to help children become happy, healthy and
independent. I have a strong passion for encouraging a love of exploration
and learning in every day. I am full of creative ideas, very proactive,
responsible and caring. I am skilled in drawing animals, singing nursery rhymes and climbing trees.

"Agnieszka is very resourceful and enthusiastic in doing her job. Even though she wasn’t familiar with our neighbourhood she quickly found out about fun and creative activities in the area, which was extremely exciting and beneficial for our energetic boys. They have many great times in nearby parks, playgrounds as well as different playgroups and classes. She has a very positive attitude as well as having a warm personality while at the same time showing a firm and consistent approach with our sons which is excellent. In fact, our boys adore her, treating her like one of the family and this of course, is very important to us." A. & P. R., Balham

I worked for 9 families and helped to raise 12 children! I`ve been there many times: introducing solid food, teething,
starting walking, starting riding bike/swimming/ballet/play ball/, starting nursery, pre-school, school etc. I am highly educated (finished Uni) and I am always hungry for knowledge. I am:
- First Aid trained
- DBS checked
- Completed Common Core Skills & Knowledge Training (core skills
requirements outlined by Ofsted)
- Completed Level 3 Sleep Training for Babies, Children, and Young People
- Completed Level 3 on a course entitled Understanding Nutrition and
Healthy Eating

- Completed "Learning through play" workshop
- Completed "Brave boys" workshop
-Read loads of Parenting books

"Agnieszka (Aga) has been with our family for nearly two years and in that
time she has proven herself to be a very competence nanny whom we
completely trust. Aga always shows a genuine caring and loving attitude for
our children and our children genuinely love Aga. We have had friend
recognizing our children whilst out with Aga comment of her care and
compassionate nature." C. M. and J. R., West Norwood

I am the Gentle Nanny which means I respect children the same way I respect adults.
I allow children to have their own opinions and make their own choices. I
don`t expect children to be mini-adults, I let kids be kids. I don’t use
time-outs, smacking, shaming or yelling. Instead, I use positive
discipline, which aims to teach children empathy, self-control and

I am looking for 2-3 days work with the opportunity to bring my 14 months old daughter with me (for 2 days).

Now: why on earth would you hire a nanny with her own child?
Here are 3 reasons why it’s actually a brilliant idea:

Reason number 1:
It saves your time

No one else will fully understand what you are going through as a new mum- how has your life changed and what your needs are right now- better than the other new mum whose job is to help you run this chaos as smoothly as possible.
So when you go to work I know what’s important: keeping your baby as happy as she can be, feeding her with wholesome/low on sugar food, keeping her entertained, tidying up after her, and no adding you unnecessary stuff to your already busy life. I know that- you won’t need to remind me.

Reason number 2.
It saves you money

Hiring a part-time professional nanny in London cost around 15-16£ net per hour. By hiring a professional nanny with her own child you will pay much less than that. I don’t need to tell you why to hire a professional nanny, right? A nanny who is not doing her job because somehow life has turned out this way, but because it’s her choice, it`s her passion. A nanny who has knowledge of early education, who is experienced, who has the right philosophy and approach in place.

Reason number 3.
Your baby has a mate to play/ she’s socialising from a very young age.

Building relationships with others is a key to a happy life. Through team building and collaboration, a child learns to respect others and to control his own immediate needs and impulses. Children learn from each other during their playtime and they don`t feel lonely. Awesome, huh?

If that sounds interesting let`s have a chat/meet for a coffee.

If you are interested or have any further questions do not hesitate to contact me a.spaczynska@gmail.com
Thank you.
All the best,
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