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Dear Mama,

I am, professional and gentle Nanny & Sleep Consultant with 11 years
of childcare experience. In April 2017 I was blessed with a baby daughter
and currently, I am on maternity leave. I am planning on going back to work
2-3 days a week bringing my lovely 14 months old daughter with me (for two days).
Not looking for a nanny at the moment? Please have a read anyway.

As a Nanny, I am motivated to help children become happy, healthy and
independent. I have a strong passion for encouraging a love of exploration
and learning in every day. I am full of creative ideas, very proactive,
responsible and caring. I am skilled in creating schedules, following
commitments and maintain routines.

As a Mum, I love unconditionally. I am dedicated. I open my heart for baby
needs. I am sensitive to cry. I am an expert in reading baby
cues and responding to them with empathy and care. I listen to my heart and
to my intuition. I do my best to help my little star shine brightly and
happily as she can.

As a gentle Nanny & Mum I respect children the same way I respect adults.
I allow children to have their own opinions and make their own choices. I
don`t expect children to be mini-adults, I let kids be kids. I don’t use
time-outs, smacking, shaming or yelling.
Instead, I use positive
discipline, which aims to teach children empathy, self-control and

"Agnieszka is very resourceful and enthusiastic in doing her job. Even
though she wasn’t familiar with our neighbourhood she quickly found out about fun and creative activities in the area, which was extremely exciting and beneficial for our energetic boys. They have many great times in nearby parks, playgrounds as well as different playgroups and classes. She has a
very positive attitude as well as having a warm personality while at the same time showing a firm and consistent approach with our sons which is excellent. In fact, our boys adore her, treating her
like one of the family and this of course, is very important to us."
A. & P. R., Balham

This is a little bit about me. If you are not convinced to meet me in
person yet here are three reasons why it`s a good idea:

1. Reason number one:
You need someone who knows. I worked for 9 families and helped to raise 12
children! I`ve been there many times: introducing solid food, teething,
starting walking, starting riding bike/swimming/ballet/play ball/, starting
nursery, pre-school, school etc. I am highly educated (finished Uni) and I
am always hungry for knowledge. I am:
- First Aid trained (updated a week ago)
- DBS checked
- Completed Common Core Skills & Knowledge Training (core skills
requirements outlined by Ofsted)
- Completed Level 3 Sleep Training for Babies, Children, and Young People
- Completed Level 3 on a course entitled Understanding Nutrition and
Healthy Eating

- Completed "Learning through play" workshop
- Completed "Brave boys" workshop
-Read loads of Parenting books

2. Reason number two:
You need someone who loves this job.
In times, being a nanny feels
isolating, that`s part of the job. You need someone who finds peace in
reading the same book over and over again, who enjoy going to the same
places and following pretty the same routine every week. Well, I love this
job! I find cuddles and smiles super rewarding! I love the youthful and
energetic vibe this work brings and the relaxed nature of
nanny-parents(boss) relationship. Caring for children inject a healthy dose
of fun into my grown-up life.

"Agnieszka (Aga) has been with our family for nearly two years and in that
time she has proven herself to be a very competence nanny whom we
completely trust. Aga always shows a genuine caring and loving attitude for
our children and our children genuinely love Aga. We have had friend
recognizing our children whilst out with Aga comment of her care and
compassionate nature."
C. M. and J. R., West Norwood

3. Reason number three:
You need a good role model.
N0- I am not a celebrity or a superstar but I
can serve as an example of the values, attitudes, and behaviours associated
with a Nanny/Mummy role. I am a positive, calm, happy person, who eat (and
cook) healthy, who exercise regularly, who enjoy learning, who don`t smoke,
who don't actually watch TV!.
Children look up to a variety of role
models to help shape their behaviours, relationships, or when making
difficult decisions. They definitely deserve a good one.

"Key attributes that we have really enjoyed from Aga:
- Aga is very creative and always involves children in creative activities and at home and when they are out and about
-Aga is very active and always tries to involve the children in activities outside in the open
-Aga`s culinary skills are wide and varied; she always provides nutritionally balanced meals and snacks for the children, which are not only healthy but tasty too
-Aga is always in a good upbeat mood and shows a love for life which is clearly demonstrated in her work and her love for the role of a nanny."  C. M. and J. R., West Norwood

If you are a gentle mama and you are looking for a part-time nanny, please get in touch!
If you are a gentle mama but you`re not looking for a nanny at the moment, please save my email address. You never know- you or your friend may need me one day.

If you are interested or have any further questions do not hesitate to contact me a.spaczynska@gmail.com
Thank you.
All the best,
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