Ravenstone School in danger

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Ravenstone School in danger

Postby FromAtoB » Mon Jun 03, 2019 12:18 pm

Dear neighbours, parents, guardians
Below please find a link to build seven three-storey houses on the garage site between the school and Ravenstone Street. Five of the houses also have windowless basements, space for these five is spilt over four levels to meet minimum living standards. A continuous ‘staggered’ building mass 52.4 metres long facing Ravenstone Street predominantly one-story Edwardian terrace houses only 15.3 metres away and to the south facing Ravenstone School and playground a meagre 2.9 metres away (maximum). This will be a major infringement on outlook and privacy for the residents and children, teachers, parents, guardians and all users of Ravenstone school. No DBS checks would be done on the people who purchase or live in these properties posing a significant risk to the safeguarding of young children.

Generations of children will be within close earshot and sight of the new residents (and vice versa). Potential new residents will be able to protest about the noise and use of the school premises for fundraising activities and other community projects.

Whilst many schools are building green walls and restricting traffic to protect school children against the harmful effects of vehicle fumes here vehicles will be manoeuvring, idling and emitting pollutants to the rear of all properties on Ravenstone Street and turning next to the north east playground wall. The residents and school children will smell, taste and breathe the pollution as vehicles struggle to manoeuvre in a ‘confined hammerhead’ space with little airflow between buildings, in order to exit in a forward gear onto a busy pedestrian pavement to access Balham High Rd.

Wandsworth Planning - Building Application 1019/1895
 https://planning.wandsworth.gov.uk/WAM/ ... =2019/1895

Comments & Objections needed by the 13th June, you can use the online comment box, email planning@wandsworth.gov.uk – or write, quoting the reference above, please include your name, address and email details.

How else will this affect me? Due to its small size, limited space and confined turning points the proposed site is not accessible to all users, i.e. it is not suitable for refuse collection, emergency services, service vehicles and household deliveries. The majority of these vehicles will need to operate from Ravenstone Street, via Oakmead Road, which as residential streets are already far too busy with 131 vehicles per hour recorded at Ravenstone St (Feb 2017) and 222 vehicles per hour recorded at Oakmead Rd (April 2018) highest peak, average week Mon-Fri* (*Data from Henry Cheung, Head of Engineering Richmond & Wandsworth Councils)

For refuse vehicles there is no place to wait within 10 metres for bulk collection in Ravenstone Street (this is a legal requirement) if not addressed it will lead to further congestion, road rage, pollution and noise. The council will need to remove two parking spaces outside the Unity centre 2 – 4 Ravenstone Street to enable legal and safe refuse collection and temporary parking for deliveries to service seven family homes.

The introduction of a new refuse alleyway this close to Balham High Road will encourage further antisocial behaviour and street dwelling.

12 - 24 months building disruption, noise, dust traffic!

This is the third application for this small site, the first application was refused, 174 objections. An appeal to the planning inspectorate was dismissed, the second application withdrawn. This is application number 3 (submitted just before term break) put people before private profit, be heard and object for your community!
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Re: Ravenstone School in danger

Postby this_is_cat » Mon Jun 10, 2019 7:39 am

Sorry, can you explain the DBS and safeguarding point please?

I currently live overlooking a school and haven’t got a DBS check. Are you suggesting I pose a risk to children?
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