11+ and pre-test tutoring from The Commons Education

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11+ and pre-test tutoring from The Commons Education

Postby adamdsouza » Fri Aug 09, 2019 4:58 am

Hello SW London neighbours, our small team of experienced, caring tutors at The Commons have a few tutoring slots available from Sept to help children prepare for 11+ or pre-tests for academically selective schools. We are especially looking for children starting Year 5 to support towards entrance exams in January 2021.

There is more info on our approach here: http://thecommonslondon.com/school-entrance, including a list of senior schools past students are now attending.

If you haven’t yet chosen a senior school, I’ve worked before with Mel from Wimbledon-based Ingle Education, who is brilliant at helping you narrow down the choices.

Happy to answer questions or offer advice as an experienced teacher on your son or daughter’s next steps in education. Just shoot me a DM :)
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