Removal Company to Avoid (like the plague) BRISK REMOVALS

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Removal Company to Avoid (like the plague) BRISK REMOVALS

Postby DollyP » Mon Sep 16, 2019 1:13 pm

PLEASE READ before using BRISK REMOVALS! (We moved from SW11)

Alarm bells rang when I read some of the reviews of this company, but following credible (at the time) explanation of the reviews and a visit to quote full of promises and assurances we went against better judgement and chose Brisk. The “thank you for putting your faith in us please send a deposit” email that promptly followed was the last time that any experience/interaction with this company could be described as being remotely professional.

Response to email thereafter became slower with constant chasing required. Additional costs were added to remove light fittings which should have been included in the quote (I ended up removing light fittings myself before the move). Despite having a ‘dedicated move manager’ in Muaz, he was almost impossible to get hold of leading up to the move, which culminated in confusion over the packing date.

On the day the packers came, 2 young boys turned up and sat outside our house waiting for packing materials for 4 hours. Once they finally arrived those materials consisted of industrial cling film, paper and boxes. Despite moving an antique piano and expensive artwork there wasn’t a blanket in sight…
The late start led to the packers running out of time on the packing day (and tape??!!), and hence were still packing the following day when we should have been moving house. Although the packers worked very hard, they were not professionals (one confirmed he was between jobs as an IT worker, one was a student).

On the day of the move Muaz didn’t turn up. Our dedicated move manager decided to have his phone switched off until after midday and couldn’t comprehend at all why this was an issue, only to inform he wasn’t going to be coming at all.
He was rude on the phone told us that the mix up with the move date was going to cost hundreds of pounds more.

On top of this the 2 vans that he had quoted were not enough to move all of our possessions and we would have to pay for another van or have possessions left at the old house. I chose the latter given all trust had now gone which resulted in 3 days of me and a white van...

It was simply impossible to reason with Muaz, or even to get my point across (repeatedly talked over and shouted at). He then threatened to take our possessions into a storage facility if we did not pay an additional £775 for the move (the quote was £1600 originally and £2375 was demanded).

At this stage we were in dispair and not wanting to lose our belongings and ruin the move day further I paid the additional cost - I had no choice. Muaz confirmed that some of this additional cost would be refunded post move as part of a ‘customer dissatisfaction’ refund but needed it paid upfront ??! – I guessed what was coming.

On arrival at our new house one of the movers had ‘quit’ on the job and one other said that this was the last move he would do for this firm. The same person explained that “this is a take”.. a term until that point that I was unfamiliar with. I now know this means 'CON'. The mover confirmed all fears.

Shortly afterwards one of the movers confided that Muaz was about to call to increase the price yet further (despite me already paying the new inflated price), and that they had been told not to unload the last van.

My only option at this stage was to block the van in with my own vehicle, and demand they open it. After some time pretending not to know the code to the lock the van was opened. At this stage I asked for the keys to the van to prevent any further issues. I then unloaded the van myself with help from the packers and family...imagine the stress.

On top of all of this we are currently claiming for all the damages to items that occurred. How can you expect to be damage free when you only use paper and clingfilm!!!!

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need any further info. 
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