Online Tutoring for all!

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Online Tutoring for all!

Postby Hyde Tutoring » Fri Mar 20, 2020 8:57 pm

Good Evening Everyone!

Hyde Tutoring is now an online tutoring agency! We have options for everyone (and for all budgets):

- 1:1 online classes (via Skype, Zoom or Bitpaper)

- Group online classes in English, maths, science, French, drama and children's yoga. These are commencing the week of the 30th March. Children are in very small groups with others of the same age and ability. These will be conducted over Zoom or Bitpaper. We are stating by offering 1 hour per week of each subject, over the coming weeks we will change this depending on feedback. You can just do one subject or multiple subjects.

- 7+/ 8+ and 10+/11+ online revision courses. These are targeted towards children in year 1/2 and 4/5 who will be taking entrance exams. The are for three hours per day, from 9.30am-12.30pm, including scheduled breaks. The dates are as follows:
7/ 8+, English and maths, 9 day course, 30th March-9th April
7/8+, English and maths, 4 day course, 14th- 17th April
11+ English course, 4 day course, 6th- 9th April
11+ maths course, 4 day course, 14th- 17th April

The group classes are kept to 6 children or less, so the children get the support and tailoring that you get with 1:1 (we will plan them based off your child's needs, based off the information you give us) and they also get the chance to interact and learn with other children.

We are keeping prices as low as we can to make tutoring as accessible to everyone as we can as we want to ensure we are doing our bit during this time to support children's education.

Here are some testimonials:

"The courses here are amazing as is Charlotte herself. I could literally see the difference in my daughter before and after a course. She learnt so much but it was really tailored to what she needed to know and they were also so much fun! ... Charlotte is so sweet and kind, the other children were lovely and the courses are brilliant, definitely value for money." Parent of a child who attended course.

“She was engaging and encouraging throughout. She worked tirelessly and patiently with my daughter to build her confidence... Her lessons were extremely content-rich and expertly structured. Importantly, her empowering and encouraging manner helped my daughter develop a new-found fondness for English comprehension and creative writing. Thank you for all your support. It made a huge difference." Parent of a child who had 1:1 lessons

To book onto any of the group or 1:1 classes or for more information please email Please include your number with the email.

I look forward to hearing from you. Keep safe, 
Charlotte x
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