Wandsworth (11+) test

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Wandsworth (11+) test

Postby mummy in cj » Fri May 22, 2020 2:02 pm

We have heard from our school that the Wandsworth test is being delayed to November or December presumably to give the children more time to prepare given the school closures.

This mainly feels like good news except I am guessing this will mean applying for a selective entry school such as Graveney without knowing your child’s score. This seems a total gamble and probably not a good idea to waste a spot on the form if you haven’t got the slightest chance of getting offered a place.


So I’m hoping someone can help:

Wandsworth Council publishes the score for previous years entries, which was apparently 254 this year but does anyone know what sort of % score this is equivalent to?

I’m hoping a current Graveney parent can shed some light on this, or give an indication on the sorts of scores their children were getting in practice papers.

I’m also not sure how much the weighting is factored in for younger children ....?

Any help will be gratefully appreciated!

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Re: Wandsworth (11+) test

Postby Goldhawk » Sat May 23, 2020 9:12 am

141 is the max score in each test  (100 being national average)  [font]So for Graveney the score is out of 282[/font]
254  out of 282 is just over 90%
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