State Secondary School - Balham or Clapham area Advice

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State Secondary School - Balham or Clapham area Advice

Postby TanaBruce » Sat Aug 08, 2020 1:07 pm

I have recently moved to Balham with my 14 year old son as I have seperated from my partner and relocated to Balham to be near family.  We are living just on the border of Lambeth and Wandsworth but fall under Wandsworth Borough.

My son was in the top set at his old state school in a different part of the Country but over the last year his grades slipped as he was quite affected by the difficulties in his home life. My son went to an excellent primary school in the Country which has really given him a very good start in life and he excelled but he appears to have lost motiviation for learning at the moment.

I am wondering how limited or vast my choices are and which school would offer good pasterol care along with good individual teaching. I am also worried that he may find the changes from a small town comprehensive to a large city comprehensive too much of a culture shock and so wondering how best to make the transition smoother. He also won't know any of the other pupils so it is quite an undertaking for a young person.

I would consider one of the private Independent schools but we would be reliant on a brusary and I imagine they are all taken at this stage and I am not sure if he would qualify.

Any advice most welcome.
Thank you,
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Re: State Secondary School - Balham or Clapham area Advice

Postby Livingintooting » Mon Aug 10, 2020 9:08 am

Good morning Tana,
Reading your post made me realise how tough it is to be relocating. We moved to Wandsworth ten years ago from abroad and had no one around.
We have been amazed by local state schools and how privileged the area was compared to some other parts of the country.
Both my children are attending Bolingbroke Academy in Y8 and Y11 and we have been very happy about the school. Of course, they came from one of the feeders primary schools and so the transition was made easy as they knew some of their classmates.
To my opinion, this is a place with a strong vision for its pupils and the head is a great manager. Each year group have a head of group which you can easily reach as well as a “Civitas teacher” for smaller groups who will be able to communicate / help you with your questions.
The school has a unique drama and music department, if your son is interested.
It is very hard to say whether this school would suit every one, specially since the sets make the experience different. My eldest in Y11 is aware of the implications of being in the bottom sets in terms of disruptive children. So she always made it work.
I have found the communication with the teachers very good, and the weekly phone call during the lockdown is a tribute to the school’s success.
You might be interested into Chestnut Grove Secondary which has just finished their refurbishment but I don’t know about it at all.
All the best for your search
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