Year 6 / 11+ applications 2020

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Year 6 / 11+ applications 2020

Postby mummy in cj » Fri Aug 14, 2020 6:03 pm

I wrote to Wandsworth Council to raise concerns about children receiving their test scores for the Wandsworth Test (scheduled for 3/12) and for grammar schools (exams now in November) after the secondary school entry deadline On 31/10. I asked if we could change our school preferences when we get our results because there is no point applying for a school if your child doesn’t have a high enough score to get it in.

(Ordinarily this is not an issue as the tests usually take place in September - they have been delayed this year due to COVID.)

Good news! The head of pupil services has said they can, which I’m sharing as it doesn’t seem to have been communicated to parents yet. Information below:

“ I can confirm that, in line with other London Local Authorities, Wandsworth will accept changes of preferences up to 10 December 2020, where parents wish to alter their school preferences following receipt of test scores in relation to schools with selective places. There are no wholly selective schools in Wandsworth although three schools Burntwood School, Ernest Bevin College and Graveney School each offer a proportion of places based on the Wandsworth Test score. Nonetheless, we fully appreciate that many parents will apply for grammar schools in other boroughs and we will be happy to accept changes up to the above date if they no longer wish to be considered for a grammar or selective school places. There are no plans from the Department for Education to move the closing date from 31 October, which is nationally set.”

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