Graveney - experience of children in non-selective criteria

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Graveney - experience of children in non-selective criteria

Postby thegutsychutney » Tue Sep 15, 2020 12:15 pm

Hi all, 

my DS is in Yr5 currently in a local state school and we are looking at Graveney as one of our possibilities for secondary school. I have heard and read a lot about how amazing the school is for children getting in through the selective admission criteria - so the super achievers in a sense.. but very less about the experience for children who get in through the catchment route? 

Is there a similar focus on academics and all round experience in those forms as well? 

Would love to hear from parents who have children in Graveney via the catchment route, particularly with regards to academic experience, music opportunities (as my son is keen on singing/recorder) how different is a typical school day to children in the selective admission route. 

many thanks 

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