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Postby Mentor » Tue Sep 29, 2020 2:22 pm

With a constantly changing educational landscape we are now hearing news that many Independent schools will be introducing the ISEB Common pre-test as an alternative to the usual 11+ exam format normally sat in January. The current school list includes JAGS, KCS, City of London, PHS, WHS, Streatham and Clapham amongst others, and we expect this number to increase.

About the ISEB Pre-test
The ISEB digital test is used by many schools in their admissions process. It is age standardised and consists of online multiple choice questions with an adaptive formula. For more information visit www.iseb.co.uk/Parents/What-are-the-Common-Pre-Tests 

How we can help prepare your child
In response to these changes we have introduced individual and small group workshops, maximum 4 students (in person and on-line), starting from WC 5th October. Weekly sessions will focus on multiple choice style questions in Mathematics, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. Timing is a key factor, and we will be encouraging children to stay calm whilst making speedy and measured decisions.

Group sessions: 8 week course £325.00

1 HR Interview preparation: Online and In-person
With the prospect of Zoom now being an interview platform for many pupils, we are running our popular confidence boosting practice sessions, both online and in person. Our 11+ expert tutor will encourage your child to engage and present their best selfthink 'out of the box’, discuss current affairs, mental maths, visual analysis and relaxation tips.

Individual Interview session: £95.00

We are very aware that this is a stressful time, please do get in touch with the 11+ team if you would like to talk through any concerns about the changes.

020 8883 2519

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