Steiner School Balham - looking for feedback

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Steiner School Balham - looking for feedback

Postby AnnieM » Sat Oct 17, 2020 11:02 pm

Hi there

We are an Australian family, due to move into the area in Feb. We have a 1 yo + a 4 yo.

I would love any feedback or insights from anyone who has children at the Steiner school.

**Do your children enjoy it, are they thriving?
**Are most of the families at the school local to the Clapham/Balham and surrounding area? (We are looking to build a little local community)
** Do most families stay in the school until kids are 13/14 and head to high school?
**Has anyone had any negative experiences or other considerations?
** How has the school coped with COVID
**Is there any chance of mid-year intake? Or are they over subscribed with long wait lists?


I was shocked to hear that in the normal UK system, my 4yo (she only turned 4 on 20 August) would be in reception when we arrive, and then moving into year 1 in September!

In Australia she would start 4yo kindergarten in Jan 21, reception in Jan 22...and she wouldn’t be going into year 1 until Jan 23...some 18 months later than the UK system.

4 seems so young to start school. And I’m sad our move to London might mean she misses what we think is a really important kindergarten experience.

The Steiner stream really appeals. As does the opportunity to have a proper play based, exploratory kindergarten year (or two!) which seems to be how it is structured.

Thanks for any guidance you can offer!
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Re: Steiner School Balham - looking for feedback

Postby i'macowboy » Mon Oct 26, 2020 7:34 am

Hi there,

I don’t have any experience of the Steiner school, I’m afraid, but just to reassure you that your daughter would be going into Reception, not Year 1 (you start school the September after you turn 4). In addition, if you have a summer-born baby, you can apply to defer their start by a year, so they join Reception just after they turn 5, not 4. This isn’t obligatory but it’s certainly possible - a friend who has a June baby has done just that, and her daughter only started Reception last month.
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