New! Young Debaters Club - creating confident critical thinkers

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New! Young Debaters Club - creating confident critical thinkers

Postby CreativeHare » Thu Oct 22, 2020 2:47 pm

NEW! Young Debaters Club

There is the option to pay for 4 sessions. The first session included is a free trial.
Prepare your child for life as poised, confident, critical thinkers
Debating helps to equip your child with vital transferable skills.  Listening without judgement, thinking analytically and presenting their ideas confidently enables children to achieve more in every subject and sets them up for success in adult life. These classes give children a platform in which they learn to tolerate opposing points of view, formulate their own compelling argument and present confidently in a fun, supportive group.   

Debating is for all: those who love to talk will learn about listening with an open mind and a child who is shy will be nurtured to find their voice and express their opinion. Taught by a qualified Primary School teacher and Private Tutor, groups are limited to 5 children to maximise individual attention. 

How your child will benefit and grow
Excellent experience for Exam and School Entrance interviews
Improved confidence and self-esteem
Development of critical, analytical thinking skills
Practise in collaborative mindset, crucial for group activities
Increased communication skills
Understanding of a wider range of general knowledge topics 

10 mins - Welcome and warmup game (first session: introduction to debating and persuasive speaking skills)
5 mins - Topic is introduced (first session is a mini debate) and children prepare using mind map and note taking skills
25 mins - Each side presents their argument and exchanges questions with time to respond
10 mins - Congratulations and final remarks. 

Next week’s topic will be decided, including who will be for/against so children can prepare their argument.

Format: Sessions are held via Zoom. Children will debate age-appropriate topics such as:
  • Should the school day be longer or shorter?
  • Should schools ban children from bringing in junk food?
  • Should children have to do chores to earn pocket money?
  • Should we close all zoos?
  • We should have a National Harry Potter Day
  • Books are better than television
  • Exploring Space is not important
  • Cats are better than dogs
  • Museums should be free to the public
Children may also put forward their own topic for debate.  Parental feedback is provided for each child. 

Price: £24 per child, per session.

Children aged 8-9 years 2021 DATES: 14, 21, 28 January, 4, 11, 25 February and 4, 11, 18, 25 March Thursdays 4.30pm-5.20pm 

Children aged 10-12 years 2021 DATES: 12, 19, 26 January, 2, 9, 23 February and 2, 9, 16, 23 March Tuesdays 5.30pm-6.20pm 

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Re: New! Young Debaters Club - creating confident critical thinkers

Postby CreativeHare » Sat Oct 24, 2020 7:06 pm

For children who are shy or perhaps not used to using Zoom, trial sessions are available. For more information please email
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