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Mock Interviews - Exceptional Academics

Postby ExceptionalAcademics » Thu Nov 19, 2020 4:45 pm

When the 11+ exams are over, the next step is the interview, and preparation has never been more valuable! Having interviewed many children over the years as tutors and while teachers ourselves at Independent and Grammar Schools, we have devised a list of ‘fail safe’ questions, which seem to always arise in interviews for 11+. 

The interview involves one of our tutors setting up a Mock interview scenario online. Upon receipt of your confirmation and payment in advance of the interview, we will send you the interview questions, so that you can help your child to prepare. During the interview, the tutor will be analysing the following:

General Interview skills
Non-verbal cues - the importance of smiling!
Meeting and greeting with the teacher: greetings, eye-contact and manners.
The ability to respond without hesitation.
The quality and content of each response.

Subject Knowledge
The quality of the responses to English and Maths subject-specific questions.

Their ability to respond to Abstract Topics
The quality of their responses to the more abstract questions.

Feedback will include:
Teaching strategies and coping mechanisms such as:
What is vital to include to impress!
How to decode the question
How to sit
Relaxation techniques
Teaching them how to improve their responses:
How to improve the quality of their responses.
How to showcase their talents best.

Price: £120 per 1.5 hours.

Mock Interview with our in-house Head Teacher
Our in-house schools consultant, who is a current working Head Teacher at an independent prep school, can also offer a mock interview, as she herself has many years of experience in interviewing.
She is adept with the process of guiding both pupils and parents alike through the 11+ examination system, interview process and the transition to secondary school. She is therefore perfectly placed to provide interview practice and techniques. As a Head Teacher, she has substantial knowledge of senior schools in London, excellent relationships with Senior Head Teachers and keeps up to date with leadership changes and new initiatives.

Price : £200 for 1.5 hours.

If you would like us to organise either of these services for you so that your son/daughter has a real interview experience, please do let us know; we will be happy to organise it during the next few weeks.

The Exceptional Academics Team
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