How Sophia High School is Reimagining Education

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How Sophia High School is Reimagining Education

Postby Sophia High School » Thu Nov 26, 2020 1:07 pm

Have you considered the benefits of online schooling? 

As first shared by Andrew Halls OBE, Headmaster of King’s College School, in the NappyValleyNet School’s Guide 2019 - 2020, there were between 50,000 and  60,000 children in the UK who were home-schooled prior to COVID.  He believes that these numbers are set to rise to 300,000 children by 2025.

Led by an educational team with more than 48 years of leadership and teaching experience , Sophia High School provides full-time online schooling, following the UK National Curriculum, for students from Year 1 to Year 9.

Our blended learning approach delivers high quality, live, interactive online lessons with our team of qualified and experienced teachers; this includes a programme of robust independent home learning activities and projects.  Our small class sizes ensure accelerated and personalised learning for every child, so that they reach their full potential.

Our admission process ensures that we are fully aware of each individual child’s unique starting point, and are then able to understand their true potential.   Every child is given the opportunity to take part in a virtual learning experience with our team of teachers, to discover the magic of online schooling at Sophia High School.

This is Education Reimagined.

Admissions now open for our January 2021 intake.  Deadline for applications is 9th December 2020.

For more information about Sophia High School:

Melissa McBride
Co Founder / CEO  
+44 20 7978 2026

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