ISEB Pre-Tests preparation for 2021

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ISEB Pre-Tests preparation for 2021

Postby PeakPrep » Wed Dec 23, 2020 3:50 pm

Happy New Year Nappy Valley Residents!

What with lockdown 3.0 upon us, some have started to consider the November Pre-Tests 2021.... we can help you make a plan and now is certainly a great time to make one!

The back story... two years ago my son was approaching the ISEB Pre-Test exams, but I couldn't find anything that comprehensively prepared him. Out of that experience, I created Peak Prep in the hopes I could help others coming after me.
Our aim is to level the playing field by giving every child sitting the Pre-Tests in November 2021 a fair chance at success. Whether attending a successful feeder school, or a state school that may not be able to prepare candidates, every child can be familiarised with the format and have a chance to practise with unlimited mock tests.
We want to reduce the anxiety of both the parent and the child. By using a comprehensive revision plan that advocates 'little and often', the child can be both thoroughly prepared, AND thoroughly calm. Starting as soon as you can will mean no need for cramming, or last-minute panics. Let us pace your child through the four subjects in a manageable way, so they excel in the Pre-Tests.
We believe that the Y6 Pre-Test Preparation Process should be an empowering and encouraging one. Peak Prep uses ONLY Pre-Test content, (predominantly Y5 and first term of Y6), so that your child is focusing only on what will actually come up on the tests, not far beyond. This leads to the child feeling good about what they do know, not bad about what they don't.

We want to help parents, and make life easier for you. We created a tool that means your child can revise independently, but it is still easy for you to track progress. Parents who want to give their child the best shot at Pre-Test success, often don't have the time to plan revision that comprehensively covers English, Maths & both Reasonings. We have put it all in one place, and will create a plan from the data you give us, (how often you want your child to revise, and the Pre-Tests date). Setting your child up with Peak Prep takes less than ten minutes, and there is a free trial meaning you have nothing to lose!

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me for more info on the Pre-Tests themselves, or Peak Prep specifically.

Thanks for reading,

Free Trial lasts for 5 days
Monthly subscription is £69, with discounts available for longer subscriptions.

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