English / French secondary schools

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English / French secondary schools

Postby kidzibuzi » Tue Mar 02, 2021 8:04 am

Hi everyone,
I am looking for parents who have moved their children from the French system to the English one or vice-versa.

I have one daughter at the French Lycee in the equivalent of year 10, and one son in year 6 at Wix bilingual.
I have received the secondary school application outcome for him and he would hopefully get a place at Bolingbroke Academy in year 7. From what I have read, it may suit him better than the French Lycee as he is quite selective (he's doing great when he has to think but struggles with learning by heart). The music tuition would also be a plus for him while arts are almost inexistent at the French Lycee.

Giving my financial situation although she has a bursary, I was thinking about moving my daughter from the French Lycee to Bolingbroke. I understood that September 2021 may not be the best option as she would have missed the first year of GCSE (she only has English literature, history and geography currently being prepared for GCSE at the Lycee, everything else is in French), but was wondering if it may work with a bit of extra help for the other topics.

If anyone has experienced moving from one system to the other, please let me know about your experience, advantages and inconvenient  ;) . Feel free to reply or PM me.

Many thanks
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Re: English / French secondary schools

Postby VANES » Fri Mar 12, 2021 10:11 am

Hi @kidzibuzi
I have 2 children who moved respectively in y8 and y3 from Wix & LFCG to English system (but not Bolingbroke). Not sure if I can help as it's lower stages.  It's true that some English schools do not accept intake close to GCSE years.  I'd suggest to talk to Bolingbroke A. directly?

Also in Wix Bil, there are many families with older kids in Bolingbroke, they might be best placed to help you. Ask around or PM me, I can maybe point you in the right direction?

good luck!
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