Is your child in year 1, 2, 4 or 5? Do you want to get them ready for a new school? We can help...

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Is your child in year 1, 2, 4 or 5? Do you want to get them ready for a new school? We can help...

Postby Hyde Tutoring » Thu Mar 11, 2021 7:02 pm

Planning on changing schools? Worried your child's slipped academically during lockdown? We have Easter courses that a intensive, whilst still being fun, and cover considerable ground in a short space of time. 

Hyde Tutoring has been supporting families throughout the pandemic with a full timetable of term time classes to keep children up to speed and intensive holiday courses too. We are experts at online teaching- much more so after all our additional experience that we gained by keeping your children ahead throughout this time (we were up and running within 2 days of the first lockdown, with a full online timetable)!

We are an agency that focuses on entrance exams and keeping children at the top of their game, to put them in good stead to apply to schools like Kings, St Paul's, Westminster, Alleyns, Dulwich, Ibstock Place, Latymer, Emanuel etc. So, we can promise you that we will get the most out of your child academically and, if they're applying to a top school for 7+, 8+, 9+, 10+ or 11+. 

We have Easter courses in both English and maths for children who are currently in year 1, 2, 4 and 5 to prepare them for entrance exams, the school transition and to ensure they are ahead of the curve and always doing their very best. 

We have a 5 star rating on Google. Here's are two Google review from parents who signed their children up for  our holiday courses:

"The courses here are amazing as is Charlotte herself. I could literally see the difference in my daughter before and after a course. She learnt so much but it was really tailored to what she needed to know and they were also so much fun! I was hesitant at first to enrol my 6 year old on a course in the holidays but she loved them! Charlotte is so sweet and kind, the other children were lovely and the courses are brilliant, definitely value for money. She got offers from all three schools she applied to, we couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you Charlotte!"

"We attended the holiday courses which really helped my son with his confidence and knowledge in both Maths and English. Charlotte was always a phone call away, giving me sound advice and putting my nerves and fears at ease. My son went from failing the Grammar school mock tests in May 2019, to missing out by 2 marks in September 2019, to getting a substantial scholarship and bursary offer to our school of choice, and a top school in the January 11+ exams. I also recommend Hyde to another family a month before the exams, whose child was struggling, and this child was also offered their top school of choice! I will forever sing the praises of the tutors at Hyde and Charlotte! Charlotte and her tutors really care about the child. You get constant and in-depth feedback. It is never about the money with Charlotte, but getting the child to their end goal."

If you want your child to get ahead, to make up for lost time during lockdown or if you want to put them in the strongest possible position to secure a place at a leading school, then get in touch. Places go quickly, so please email as soon as possible. We need the following information to book your child's place:
Year group
If applicable, schools applying to
Your name and your child's name
Your address
Your phone number

To find out more please email, including your number and a suitable time to speak. 

T: 07407 131 322

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