Secondary schools in the Common area

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Secondary schools in the Common area

Postby sidmeister » Mon Jan 03, 2022 3:07 am

I’m sorry if this question has been asked before, but I couldn’t find anything germane on secondary schools, so I thought I would ask anyway. Also, apologies if some of my questions sound a bit dumb; both my partner and I went to school abroad, and don’t really understand the English secondary school system.

My daughter presently goes to primary school in Bermondsey, which is where my ex lives. We are both in agreement that we aren’t too keen to send her to secondary school there in a couple of years’ time, and would rather find a decent (ideally state) school in the Clapham Common/Abeville road area where my partner and I live.

My questions were:
a) are catchment areas for secondary schools as small as they are for primary schools, or could we try to get into schools towards Clapham junction and Balham too?
2) are there any comprehensive schools that have worked well for folks here?
3) is the nearest grammar school in mitcham? This of course is predicated on her doing well in her 11+ 🙃
4) I was rather keen on La Retraite; have people had a good experience there? Her stepmother was raised catholic (but is completely lapsed); does being baptised and having taken communion help getting in, or do you have to attend church? We’re both atheist, but aren’t dogmatic enough to mind a bit of religious education.

Sorry for all of the questions, and apologies if any of them aren’t very specific.
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