Putney High vs Wimbledon High Junior School

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Putney High vs Wimbledon High Junior School

Postby MiloBobby » Mon Feb 06, 2023 9:40 am

Need some advice from the wise people here. Our DD has been offered place at 4+ for both Putney High and Wimbledon High.

Putney High PHS is logistically closer, door to door on bus taking into account morning traffic is around 25 mins, or there is a school bus in the morning that pick up at 7:50am, and the bus stop is a 15 mins walk or 6-8 mins bus ride from home.

Wimbledon High WHS is further, will expect to drive which will take c. 25-30 mins depending on the traffic (16 mins with no traffic). There is also bus but will take 40-45 mins door to door.

We are both working parents based in the City. We really like WHS but not sure how to get it work logistically on a daily basis. Is the 30 mins drive a crazy idea? Any parents out there doing a long school run and juggling a career who can assure me I won’t go crazy in a week? It is the school run that worried me as getting into the city from Putney and Wimbledon are about the same.

Also any parents with first hand experience on PHS and WHS junior school? We love the structure of the reception to Y2 timetable with a lot of PE/Swimming from reception etc at WHS and gut feel is it is a warmer school. Swimming doesn’t start until Y3 at PHS.

Thanks in advance.
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